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About Us

"Communication is the essence of human life."

-Janice Light

About Us

Bee's Knees Speech Therapy, LLC

Welcome to Bee's Knees, a pediatric private speech therapy clinic dedicated to fostering growth and confidence in children with speech, language, and communication disorders. Serving children from birth to 18 years, we embrace a child-led and play-based approach, ensuring therapy is as engaging and enjoyable as it is effective.

Our Philosophy

At Bee's Knees, we believe that speech therapy should break free from the constraints of rigid expectations and monotonous worksheets. Founded on the principle that therapy should be a joyful and adaptable experience, our sessions are infused with laughter, play, and flexibility. We meet each child where they are, building on their unique strengths to help them achieve their communication goals.

Our Services

Our clinic offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to address various speech and language needs:

  • Augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC)

  • Phonology and Articulation

  • Early Intervention

  • School-Aged Language Needs

Each of these areas is supported by our team of highly skilled therapists, who bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to their work.

Our Team

The Bee's Knees team consists of exceptional therapists who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and their families. We pride ourselves on creating individualized care plans that are designed to ensure success and confidence as your child progresses through their speech therapy journey. Our holistic approach considers not just the child, but also the family, fostering a supportive environment for growth and development.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Bee's Knees means choosing a partner dedicated to your child's communication success. Our commitment to personalized, play-based therapy ensures that each session is not only productive but also a source of joy and confidence for your child. We strive to make a meaningful impact, guiding each child toward their fullest potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Join us at Bee's Knees, where speech therapy is reimagined with creativity, flexibility, and heart. Together, we can help your child find their voice and thrive.

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Where are we located?

Our clinic can be found at:

10950 W Forest Home Ave. Suite 14

Hales Corners, WI 53130

Upon entering the building, go down the stairs and turn left. There is also an elevator available if needed. 

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