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Kids Blowing Bubbles

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Bee's Knees Speech Therapy, LLC

Laugh. Play. Communicate. 

Our Therapy Specialties


Early Intervention

Early intervention is for kids ages 0-3 who may be delayed with language skills or need support building up their vocabulary.


Articulation is for kids of any age who may have trouble getting sounds out correctly, making it difficult to understand them.


Language challenges can impact understanding and/or expressing words. Language therapy helps build the bridge for both expressive and receptive skills.


Assistive technology and communication can help support communication for kids who may not be able to rely on spoken language all of the time.

Caregiver Support Services


IEP Support

If you find yourself feeling confused or frustrated with IEP processes and paperwork, Bee's Knees is here to help! From initiating evaluations to explaining paperwork, we're here to support! 

Caregiver Education

For those who may want some support to carryover in place of or in addition to therapy. Caregiver Education is a more flexible alternative to direct therapy services! 

AAC Funding Bundle

For those looking for support with purchasing a dedicated speech device and training any communication partners the child may have. This includes teachers, caregivers, or anyone else involved.

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Our Approach

Bee's Knees Speech Therapy is a pediatric private speech therapy business that is here to support your child's speech, language, and/or communication needs. Bee's Knees is dedicated to supporting you and your child's needs with a variety of services available to you. Bee's Knees is a flexible business that is family centered and focused on progressing toward effective and efficient communication. Services are most commonly provided within our clinic but may be completed at daycare centers depending on therapist availability.

Kids with Capes

What Parents Think

"I reached out to Gina at Bee's Knees due to the long wait times for Children's program, not only was she able to start working with my daughter immediately, she was open and honest about everything regarding my daughter's speech.  She has open communication so the parent helps with the therapy plan and includes you as much and as little in each therapy session.  The amount of progress we saw in our daughter in 2 short months was impressive and my daughter was excited to see Gina every week since she didn't see it as therapy but she saw it as her friend coming to play.  I also went into speech therapy without knowing a thing and Gina worked with me to allow me to help my daughter between sessions, but also didn't make it feel overwhelming or a job."

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